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Undoubtedly everyone has heard of the manuscript which has been interpreted to say that Jesus was married. I dealt with that at some length in my previous post. Without going into a long list of sources, let me simply relate that a growing number of experts are questioning the manuscript’s authenticity. Even this situation has become dependent on rumors. One is that the Harvard Theological Review has refused to publish the paper relating to the manuscript. Is that true? I have not yet been able to confirm or refute that rumor. At least one other expert has determined that while the papyrus itself is likely ancient, the writing is probably a modern forgery. Is all this true? At this point, it is anybody’s guess.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that scholarship should not be pursued like the six o-clock news, in which the goal is to “scoop” the other broadcasters. Another example of this rush to judgment might be the announcement by Daniel Wallace of the discovery of what appear to be six second century manuscripts and one first century fragment of the Gospel of Mark. While Dr. Wallace has wisely not published anything relating to these finds pending authentication, it might have been wiser had he not even mentioned their existence, until that authentication process was complete.

Our technological world has made it too easy and too convenient to obtain information. I fear we have not sufficiently developed the critical and analytical skills to absorb and evaluate that information profitably. In this instance those who would wish the manuscript to be a forgery and those who would wish it to be genuine have both indicated their willingness to make judgments before all the evidence is in. To the extent that my post may have contributed to that, I express my regrets.

The lesson to be learned is simple. Whatever our biases or preconceptions, we must allow the experts to do their work without pressure or expecting certain results. After the experts have expressed their conclusions, there will be plenty of opportunity for all of us to weigh in. That is appropriate, but only when we have a solid basis for doing so.

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