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Originally I did not intend to comment about my ongoing battle with lung cancer, but I feel the need to share a short summary of what I am doing and how I am responding.

As I anticipated, it has been almost impossible to maintain the physical and mental discipline necessary to post further entries. I still hope to be able to do that sometimes, but that will depend on my response to treatment.

In the meantime, for those who are interested, I am responding to chemo as well as could be expected. After three rounds of chemo, my oncologist ordered a CT scan which shows that the chemo has been somewhat effective at reducing the cancer. She ordered three more rounds of chemo. At that time, they will do another CT scan and decide what if any treatment would be appropriate going forward. I am dealing with chemo induced anemia, but there is a shot I take that helps raise the red blood count.

Overall, I believe I am responding to treatment as well as could be expected.  Generally, I am upbeat, and I am certainly not sitting at home waiting to die. While that may come at some point, I would like to use my situation to encourage others who are facing trials that may appear insurmountable.

I have had much time to think about how I would like to be remembered.  I hope that this blog has provided (and may still continue to provide) factual and interesting information about the history of the Bible. More than that, I would like to use my condition to touch other peoples’ lives. If my experience can provide strength for someone who feels hopelessly entangled in depression, guilt, or despair that would be the greatest blessing I could receive.  And if something I wrote caused another person to pick themselves up and try again, I would be thrilled. If you have not checked the page in this blog that has a link to my other blog, Faith and Inspiration, you might wish to do that. I am using that blog now to post updates as well as inspirational posts.

Obviously, the focus of my life must now change, but I hope that in whatever format it may be, I may continue to influence others for good. I see all the negativity on social media, and it saddens me beyond measure. It’s not how I wish to be remembered.

So, I’m still here, feeling fairly well, even as I continue to deal with effects of chemo. I have a future before me, whether it is months or a couple of years doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I can help other people. That is what I want to do now, and that is how I would like to be remembered.

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